On this page, I own pretty much everything; I own my poetry, my photos, my craft things (unless I've sold them to someone ...) and my art. In the case of said art, I may have used other people's photographs as a reference. If I know who said person is, I'll write it down. If not, I apologize. Credit should go to the right person, so if you know something I don't ... let me know. At least the art itself is mine. Although I DO often use reference pictures.

I don't have a style yet, at least not one that I am aware of. I love trying out new things. I get inspired when I see what people around me do, and often that makes me want to try it as well. I don't mean to steal anyone's ideas ... I just want to learn. And create things I'm proud of while I'm learning.

About the poetry, I have always been a sucker for rhymes. I love reading Edgar Allan Poe (although I don't understand half of what he's writing), and I absolutely adore Dorothy Parker. I have discovered these poets pretty recently, though. I was rhyming before I started reading them. The same goes with the poetry as with the art and the crafts; I jump from genre to genre.

Why do only one thing when there are so many things to be done?

And to end this disclaimer (I hate writing disclaimers; I shouldn't have to defend myself!), let me just say that This is my page. It's my playground, my haven, my backyard and my home. You come here as an outsider, as a guest. Be polite. Remember that you're on my turf. And take off your shoes before entering.

Here, I am God.