2018 06 05
More updates at the art-section!

2017 08 26
Sorry for the long absence. Stuff has been going on in real life. But, updates at the art-section!

2017 01 22
One new drawing; Gandalf, and 30 new poems over at the poetry-section (from last year's 30 Days of Rhymes-challenge).

2017 01 01
Wow, okay. Haven't updated in a while, again. So, HUGE update over at the art-section, as well as some new craft stuff. Also four new poems (one in Swedish).

2016 09 23
Have done a lot this summer, but not updated until now. Lots of new stuff over at the art-section.

2016 05 21
Okay, sorry for the lack of updates lately. I've added a few more art pieces over at the art-section. Also four new poems called What's your plan?, Winter Soldier Ending, A love story of sorts and Liten sommarvers.

2016 02 02
Added a bunch of watercolour birds (nine of them) to the art-section. They were a commission.

2015 12 31
Sorry for the lack of updates. Here comes a bunch of updates all at once: Six new artworks, and I've added all the crafts from 2014 and 2015.

2015 09 27
New artwork; Sofia and Anamorphic leaf.

2015 07 22
New artwork; Buick.

2015 06 20
Went to see Kvartersteatern's version of Ronja Rövardotter a couple of days ago, and was inspired to draw; Birk, Mattis and a Random soldier.

2015 06 13
A few new artworks added: What are you looking at?, Bleeding out, Smile, Headless #3 - and then an updated version of Everything is me (#2).

2015 04 26
Three new drawings, two of which are Water colour world and Headless 2.

2015 04 26
I've been kind of creative lately. Or at least productive. New art! Dog commission, Pug 1, Pug 2, Signe, Lithography fail 1, Lithography fail 2, Lithography fail 3 and my personal favourite; Everything is me.
Also a new poem, inspired by the church scene in Kingsman (a movie that I very much enjoyed); Kill kill kill.

2015 03 30
Two new art thingies today; My dad when he was younger and Colourful. Also two new poems; Seperated at last and Confessions of a whumper.

2015 03 12
The Art-section is updated with Headless, Glass of water and Girl from a magazine.

2015 02 12
Sorry for the lack of updates lately! Three new drawings added today; Porthos, Aramis and Musketeers. Yeah, I've discovered a new show ... :p
Have also updated the Poetry-section with seven new poems!

2014 11 24
New poem; The old man in the church, and four new art pieces; Step to the side, Everything in me 1, Everything in me 2 and Everything in me 3.

2014 10 18
Sorry for the long absence. But today I've updated the Poetry-section, with a bunch of poems I've written in the last six months.

2014 06 11
A week ago, my mother died.
She passed away after five months in the hospital, which is why I haven't really updated this page lately. I made this painting of my mother, to honour her and to be able to deal with my own emotions.

I have also updated some other drawings that I've done during this period: Thorin, RDJ, A street in Mallorca, Hands and Sketchy Stiles.

2014 02 02
Two new drawings: Kili and Azog.

2013 12 31
Must update everything before the new year is up! :D So, new drawings; United we stand and Reaching out. New craft stuff: Sterekpendant, Angel/devil earrings and Catching Fire-clothes. New poems: Alone, Waking the dragon and Treason. Oh, and a bunch of new photos in the Photos-section.
Happy new year!

2013 12 06
Made a couple of new pendants, which you can find under the Crafts-section.

2013 11 28
New drawing (that I don't actually like much ... except for the nose maybe) here. Also a new entry under the Crafts-section: Silver/leather bracelets.

2013 11 24
Stuff I haven't uploaded until now: Loki in mourning (painting + poem) and two clay pendants that I made for my friends.

2013 11 03
I just went to see Thor 2: The Dark World, and I was inspired to write. So, two new poems: Trust my rage and Ta-daa! (the second one is crack ...)

2013 09 21
New photos.

2013 09 15
Two new drawings today: Wolfed-out Derek and Stiles in dry pastels.
Also a new poem: What makes a man.

2013 08 25
Sorry for the lack of activity, my computer broke down and I haven't gotten to installing a proper FTP program until now.
New artworks: Probably a little weird, You're my brother, Black/white Stiles, Leto, Loki in markers, The wonders of Stiles and Wet Stiles.
Also a couple of new photos (that I'm too lazy to link to, individually), and four new poems: Hey, Derek ..., Demon wolf, And he returned and In dreams.

2013 06 18
Just got back from Paris, so ... new photos.

2013 05 26
Many new drawings, all Teen Wolf-related: This might hurt, This might hurt - Derek & Scott, This might hurt - Stiles, This might hurt - Lydia, This might hurt - Allison, Cracks and Blood on his hands.

2013 05 11
New painting, acrylics on canvas: Jonastavla. Jonas commissioned me to make a portrait of him as a king ... and I did.
I've also added a few new photos.

2013 05 01
New painting, oil on canvas: Wolves.

2013 04 28
New drawing: Stilinski 24.

2013 04 06
Am overwhelmed by Rise of the Guardians-feels. Wrote a poem to get an outlet: Unborn, Unseen.

2013 03 24
Three new poems; Before the chase, Life and The Tale of Derek Hale.

2013 02 24
New poem (visual poetry, I suppose, since it's also a drawing); Opposites attract, and two drawings; Loki in lines and Wearing masks

2013 02 03
Three new updates in the Crafts-section; Starcake, Monster cupcakes and Green and blue cake, all made in one form or the other for my 30th birthday (which we shall never speak of again).
I've also decided to take down Släktsidan for a while. I never update it anyway.

2013 01 13
It's a wonder what the dullness of a Sunday and some good music can do for a person's inspiration. New drawing today; Once a king. Also, a short poem that I forgot to post when I wrote it; Their little game.

2013 01 06
First drawing of the year: Derek Hale!

2012 12 30
No more than four new drawings today! All of Stiles, mostly done for drawing practice and because I was happy to want to draw again. Here is Stiles in charcoal, watercolour, coloured pencils and markers.

2012 12 29
A new drawing (link), that goes along with a little poem (link).

2012 12 26
A new poem, written from a prompt by Kedreeva, who won it from me in an auction (long story): The first morning after.

2012 12 16
New poem that I've forgotten to post here: Fire.

2012 11 12
New photos from yesterday.

2012 10 22
New photos from yesterday, when I was at my dad's.
Also, two new poems: This Time (Teen Wolf, where Stiles has potential to go dark, and both he and Peter know it) and Leaving is murder (Revolution, the scene where Danny saves Captain Neville's life in 1x4).

2012 10 07
I've been awfully creative today! I've made two speedpaintings in oil; Derek and Stiles. And as if that wasn't enough, I've also made a pencil drawing of Stiles; Drown, boy, drown.
And the amazing cupcakes that I told you about in the last update? You can see them here.

2012 09 25
A few updates today! Two new drawings; Loki and Creepy Pete. One new silver pendant, and one new poem - Such a peculiar human.
I've also made a couple of amazing cupcakes, but forgot to upload them. They will be around in the next update.

2012 08 31
Four new drawi... err, make that three new drawings and one piece of art. A cat, Depressed gal, Hello Louis Coulon and the most amazing cookies ever made; Under the cookie moon.

2012 08 23
No updates in a while, sorry. Been busy. But here you go, new art: Ballerina, Anders Wedin, Tumblring, Lowkey, Gotty & Birger and A boy and a wolf.
Also three new poems, kinda (all in the Teen Wolf fandom, sorry ... or not sorry, actually); Submerge in water, let soak, Teen Wolf: "Battlefield" review and The Four Horsemen.

2012 07 22
One new poem; What Jackson Never Says. I've also managed to create a couple of brain pendants.

2012 06 16
One new art piece; Sparkle. Also, I've added photos I've taken so far this year, in the Photos-section. Oh, and one new angsty poem in the Avengers-verse :p (read it here).

2012 06 03
Three new poems since the last update: Loki's anger, His secret, his truth and neighbours. Also, three new things under the art tag: Tom, Me in mosaic and Neighbours (which is basically the same poem as the newly posted poem, only with scribbles.

2012 05 24
First off; I proudly present to you the reason to why I haven't been updating this page a lot so far this year; The Loki costume. Also a new drawing, that I made during my vacation after I had finished the aforementioned costume - Loki in ballpoint pen.

2012 03 03
Two new pieces of artwork. One that I made in January but haven't uploaded until now - Proud mom with devil child - and one I made today; Loki.

2012 03 02
Two new poems: A day in the life and Loki on humanity.

2012 01 22
Yet another poem: The fate of the child.

2012 01 01 #2
Another poem: Loki's transformation. Yeah. Loki was basically the only good thing in Thor ...

2012 01 01
Three new poems: Don't inhale ashes from blown-up vampires, Christmas poem and Waking up from a dream.

2011 12 11
Added some new silver clay things under the Crafts-section: Silver clay things, December 2011.

2011 10 30
Added a new WIP of the Horus costume I've been working on.

2011 10 23
Three new things in the artwork section; Bug killing tutorial, Fashionable socks and Leto live.
Also three new updates in the crafts section; a mask that I made for my cousin's birthday, a zigzag bracelet and a fans bracelet, both made with micro macramé.

2011 09 24
I moved on to the Teenwolfkinkmeme on livejournal, and the results are two new poems: Twin heartbeats and Mission: Making the werewolf smile.

2011 09 03
One new poem added, that I wrote for the Merlin kink meme on Livejournal; Spoils of war (it's pretty ... disturbing - don't like, don't read!).
I have also added two new pieces of art; Daddyo and Eye of the Artist.

2011 08 12
Two new poems; Kärleksdikt and Food for thought.

2011 08 02
One new painting; A boat, and one picture of a dress I've made, which you can see here.

2011 07 10
Two new pieces of art: BAMF penguins and Flutter.
Also, I've moved the pearl portrait of my dad and the Yogi dress to the "crafts"-section, as well as updated that section with the stuff I've made so far in 2011. You can find all that here.
On top of that (while I'm updating ...), I found two old (VERY old ... we're talking 1998 and 1999 here!) poems that I once wrote. Brother and Funderingar kring öl (the last one's in Swedish). Thought it would be fun to add them to here.
And, lastly, I've added some photos from this year. They can be found at the Photos-section; here.

2011 05 29
Five tiny ninjas added to the "art"-section.

2011 05 07
The crafts-section is finally up! So far, I've only added the stuff from 2010, but I'll update shortly with 2011. Enjoy!

2011 05 01
Three new pieces of so-called art. Shirtless Leto card, Planes and Kobra Kid.

2011 04 10
I know, I know. Long time ago. I've been working on putting up some crafts stuff on this page as well, but it's not really done yet. However, I wrote a poem today, inspired by a certain scene in a certain movie (can you guess which one?) - you can read it here.

2011 01 23
I've been busy and unproductive all at once for a few months now. But, finally I've started doing stuff again: A car and two naked ladies, A girl with a glittery shadow and Two Sams.

2010 09 19
More new art: Wolfie, Inception Meme and Arthur, Inception.

2010 07 28
New art, again: More new art.

2010 06 07
Long time no see, but I've updated a bunch of art that you can see here: New pieces of art.

2010 04 03
Found two old poems that I haven't put on here yet: Journal entry and Cleaning my apartment

2010 04 02
Have re-done this page a bit. Updated it somewhat. There are a few changes:
* I have removed the opinions. I almost never wrote there anyway.
* The candy trying section is gone ... for now. May return in the future, but we'll see about that ...
* I have added a section called "Photos", where I've put some pics I've taken over the years. Just for fun. It's kinda art, too, but ... you know, not really.
* Det finns nu en direktlänk från den här sidan till min andra hemsida, Släktsidan. För släkten. Det är bara att trycka på länken där uppe!

2010 03 15
I was at a 30 Seconds To Mars concert a couple of days ago, and it was friggin' amazing! Was so inspired by mr Lead-singer-Jared-Leto that I had to draw him when I got home. Two portraits: Jared Leto with pencils and Jared Leto in watercolour and ink.
And then I have finally finished the portrait of my dad in pearls! You can see it here. It's 14400 beads, and has taken me an insanely long time to finish. But it looks good. :p

2010 02 28
I know, shut up. New stuff! Catman and Poke in the eye.

2009 12 31
Last day of the year! New drawing: More Winchesters. Happy New Year!

2009 12 03
Whoah. Yeah, I know. I have been doing things, just haven't updated. I'll just upload it all right now then. Here we go ... new artworks: Tea with vicar, Bale, Bale 2, Icon 1, Icon 2, Reids, Reid in oil, Malte, Death by umbrella, Winchesters in dots, Orange, Mom in screen print, Weird, Wallpaperman and Cute kid.

2009 07 08
Long time no see, but I've been ... busy. Had a lot to do. Anyway. New opinions about some candy! Jelly Beans, Milk Duds and Skittles - Double Sour

2009 04 19
Three new drawings: Reid, Elias and A commission.

2009 04 04
I know. Shut up. I have done stuff, I just haven't posted it here. These things are new: A dog, Bert in text and Venganza.
Also, a new poem (written for our Creativity Circle from the prompt "Forewarned is forearmed"); Forewarned is forearmed.

2009 01 06
Happy New Year everyone (hah, that makes it sound like anyone's actually visiting this page!)! New drawing; Warren and cats.

2008 12 26
Yeah, I know it's been ages since I updated this page. I blame Christmas and everything that it brings. I've had a lot to do, and little time to do it. But behold! Christmas is over, and updates are back! And I'm posting two drawings I haven't posted before: Scissorhands and A Supernatural Christmas card.

2008 10 16 #2
Two updates on the same day? Whoah. I must be on drugs or something. Anyway, new painting, done tonight: Bloody Dean.

2008 10 16
New drawings: Stage predator, Fwankcrayons and Mikeyhair.

2008 09 21
Have forgotten to update this place ... So, since last time, I've made one more drawing, one more painting, and one more giraffe: Danny Messer, Mikey with cat ears and The Evil Giraffe

2008 08 25
New painting of Tuomas from Nightwish. A friend ordered it from me. I'll even get paid! :D

2008 08 03
Wrote a new poem yesterday. ... I don't know why. I call it Avenger, for lack of a better title.

2008 07 28
Two new drawings. Just ... random. Maxxie and Sammy.

2008 07 14
I forgot to add this when I made it. The Impala, again.

2008 06 02
New drawing. Kinda. Here.

2008 05 31
It's been a while, hasn't it? Oh well. One new drawing, and one new painting. Drawing here and painting here.

2008 04 17
New drawing: The Winchester Brothers.

2008 04 11
Could I be any slower with the updates!? I've done more art since last time, just haven't uploaded them to here. Until now. Dean, Dean in pixels and Playing with a passion.
Oh, and I've written a poem tonight. It's called A really really bad day

2008 02 16
New piece of so called art: Factories or something.

2008 02 03
Fuck, I'm slow at updating. I've done three things so far this year, and these are them: Gee, staring, The Winchesters and Me, spraypainted.

2007 12 31
New piece of poetry. An Ode To My Neighbours.

2007 12 31
New drawing. Gerard Way. Not really a drawing either, more like a ... what? Painting? Whatever.
Happy new year, folks.

2007 12 23
Eugh, haven't done anything creative in a LONG time now. Bad me. No christmas presents for me. But, I've been busy ... first with the move, and then with ... well, then it's been pure laziness, to tell you the truth. But. I have something to show you now. This is a drawing that I made as a christmas present for a friend.
It's a small update, I know. But it's something. Anyway. With that, I wish you all (oh, who am I kidding, I'm one of like two people who have the link to this page!) a merry christmas.

2007 10 23
Made a drawing. Kinda. Trying to learn how to use the tablet. You can see it here.

2007 10 12
Went to see a band tonight. Then felt the urge to rant for a bit.

2007 10 06
Went to see the movie Sicko tonight. Read my review here.

2007 10 04
I'm done with my painting. It rocks. You can see it here.

2007 09 29
I'm painting. And I'm loving it.

2007 09 20
Uploaded a new ... well, I don't know if I can call it a drawing or not. Or, yes I can. It's entirely done in Photoshop, but I was drawing, in like ten different layers, so I guess that makes it a drawing. It's Bert again. I know, I know. But I'm using that picture to practise new stuff on. You can see it here.

2007 09 20
Uploaded a new drawing. A strange one, of Bert McCracken from The Used. You can see it here.

2007 09 17
Oh, I'm so good. I'm finally up to date with the art on this page! I have now uploaded all my art from 2007 as well, which you can see here.
I have also played around with some of the codes on this page, and even if you as a visitor doesn't notice the changes, I do, and they make it a lot easier to update. Way to go me!
Oh, and to celebrate, I've written a little thing under "Opinions" (because I refuse to call it a blog) -> "The Rest" ... which can be read here. Look, a working link! I rule.

2007 09 14
Wrote two movie reviews; one for Rush Hour 3 and one for Hot Fuzz. You can read them under Opinions -> Movies.

2007 09 13
Uploaded my art from 2006. You can view it here.

2007 08 13
Added an opinion about the chocolate bar Cailler.

2007 08 01
Uploaded my art from 2005. You can view it here.

2007 07 09
New movie review added under Opinions -> Movies. Transformers! :D

2007 07 08
Uploaded my art from 2004. You can view it here. Also added more candy; m&m's, Beef Jerky, Tupla and Snöre Lakrits

2007 06 26
Finally uploaded some art. Hold your horses though, it's only old stuff, from 2002 and 2003. You can see it here.

2007 06 22
Added more candy under "Opinions". Again. Because it's so easy to review candy.

2007 05 29
Added candy under "Opinions". Oh yeah. At a day when it seems impossible to find a person who doesn't work out and who loves to endulge in candy ... I do just that.

2007 05 28
I'm finally starting to get this page going. There's still loads of work to be done, but at least I'm doing stuff. Way to go me.