A day off work, and how do I spend it?
By my computer, in front of my screen
The whole day has passed now and I canít extend it
But I donít care, Ďcause oh, the wonders Iíve seen!

The pictures on tumblr are making me crazy
The fanfics on ff are eating my brain
Deviantart tends to make me feel lazy
And some clips on youtube, they make me insane

Iíve fallen in love with a pretty depiction
Iíve found inspiration in music and art
I have been relating to people in fiction
I have found some friends who are dear to my heart

Iím surfing the net, alone in my room
And although Iím spending my time on my own
While knowing that internet will be my doom
- Itís nice to know that I am never alone

10/2 2012