There's a figure in the clearing
Blending in the night with black
No one saw him disappearing
Now it seems the Son is back

This time in the role of Brother
Searching for his only kin;
Sister, friend and surrogate mother
He won't think of what has been

This is where he was a child, though
Where he played and laughed and cried
Where he fell and broke his big toe
- But it's also where they died

Scents and memories, painful flashes;
Death and grief and loss and pain
Ember glowing in the ashes
- Fire washed away in rain

He remembers crying, choking -
Air that's poisonous with soot
Now he's touching ruins, stroking
Wood that's creaking underfoot

Walking through what once was hallways
He recalls, though it's been years
- Family (he'll miss them always)
Heaven weeps its heavy tears

He breathes out - he's done with crying -
Then walks through a broken door
There, a silver chain is lying
On the wet and muddy floor

On the chain, a rounded pendant
Shimmering in bright white gold
From descendant to descendant
- Oh the stories it has told

On a full-moon, bright and shining
Are two sets of Ruby eyes
Wolf and Human's lines aligning
Power in a frail disguise

Turning it, he finds he's shaking
There's a symbol on the back
Both his heart and soul are breaking
For it symbolizes "pack"

The last time he saw this necklace
It was in is sister's care
She would never be so reckless
As to simply leave it there

Something's happened, something dire
He can feel it in his heart
Nothing hurts their bond; not fire
And not being worlds apart

And a spear of ice runs through him
Through his skin and blood and bone
And he holds the pendant to him
Realizing he's Alone

31/7 2013