I am stumbling, running blind
Terrified, out of my mind
Chased by them who haunt my dreams
Followed by their taunts and screams
This is where the end begins:
  Where Iím running faster; straining
Looking back I see their grins
  My heart sinks as they are gaining
My fear is immense
As I reach the fence

Climb! Escape! They pull me down
  So close, but still so far
Iím turned around; a glare, a frown
  I doubt they want to spar
(Had I known, incidentally
I would have acted differently)

Flee! Break loose and get away!
  A few steps Ďtil my end
  A kick, then pain Ė I bend
I angered them, so I must pay
Iím shaking; canít hear what they say
  I know what they intendĖ
A punch Ė it hurts! Ė I almost fall
I donít have time to damn them all
  when one of their kicks greet me
  The ground comes up to meet me

For a moment Ė darkness, bliss
  Could it be theyíre done?
Then Iím pulled up with a hiss
  Know I cannot run
More kicks, more pain, the only sound:
Their jeers as I am spun around
  I gasp, cannot draw breath
  And fall, expecting death

Iíve barely touched the floor
when Iím pulled to my feet
I canít take anymore
Head hanging in defeat
Vaguely hearing a discussion
God, I must have a concussion
This is their repercussion?
I know that I am beat

I am limp in someoneís hold
Aching; barely conscious; cold
  Then I hear the roar
Pulse is racing uncontrolled
  Knowing whatís in store
I cannot fight back
  Knowing that the end is near
When he does attack
  His cry of rage is all I hear

Then suddenly, Iím spun around
  Everything is blurry
A second later, on the ground
  I guess I should worry
Somethingís changing in the air
Saving me, I am aware
Why or how I do not care
  I wish that he would hurry

All is still, and time has passed
I dare to close my eyes at last

10/4 2011