- Hello?

Who's hiding behind this familiar voice,
you who throw away lovers like broken toys?

I'm sick of your games, darling, all of your lies
I have your friend here, I see fear in his eyes

He's bound, gagged and wants you to save him, my pet
Don't worry, I haven't hurt him badly ... just yet

He's crying a little and is a bit sore
Imagine, you left me for this whining whore!

Is he as pathetic beside you in bed?
Don't you dare to tell me it's all in my head!

You left me! Got tired and threw me away!
But soon found a new toy with whom you could play

Believe me, this drama's approaching an end
You choose who will pay - either you or your friend

This is gonna end with one of you dead
If you don't show up I'll kill your friend in stead


2/4 2004