Itís late, and not many people are out
The darkness is chilling and thick
A siren, a dog barking; steps and a shout
A snarl, then a punch and a kick

A girl, walking homewards with quickening pace
And there, in the shadows, a smile
She screams when she sees the predatorís face
The night turns wicked and vile

A man parks his car in front of his home;
On his way in to his wife
A blink; his assailant reflects in the chrome
Then thereís the flash of a knife

During those hours when darkness rules
When limits are set and tried
When the world is full of monsters and ghouls
They tell us to stay inside

Be warned! Everybody, sound the alarm!
Because, unlike during the day
At night, everybody are out to do harm
And hurt you in every way

If you go outside they will find you, for sure
Theyíll beat you, rape you and kill
Theyíll kidnap you, torture you, threat you and more
Just for the fun and the thrill

Well Iím sick and tired of being afraid
Iím sick of staying inside
I feel like a part of meís starting to fade
Another one broke down and died

It belongs to me, the night time is mine!
And that alone is my claim
I will not sit down and moan and whine
Not when I can win this game

Evil is out there, waiting for prey
But then again, so am I
Maybe I wonít save the world today
But Iím sure as hell gonna try

Thatís why Iím here, looking scared and weak
Youíre following; closing the gap
If you think that I am your victim, you freak
Youíre wrong Ė Iím merely the trap

Now, you can either attack or depart
Timeís up; the choice is yours
And if you attack, I will take you apart
Without any guilt or remorse

They tell us to stay inside, out of fear
But I am going outside
Iím keeping my knife and my handgun near
Never again will I hide

They scare us with stories of evil and sin
But I will set us free
I have been warned, but I wonít let them win
They havenít been warned about me

2/8 2008