A scared little human with delicate features
Surrounded by bloodthirsty, dangerous creatures
Look at him kneeling; a picture of prey
He looks like he's angry but smells of dismay

We're holding him down and gripping his jaw
Tracing the blood on his face with a claw
Broken and soft - are we sure they'll want him back?
Tiny and scrawny - he's barely a snack

Useless, ungraceful, pathetic and weak
Now he is glaring, but he doesn't speak
And think - he just wouldn't shut up before
Perhaps he is cautious of what is in store

Talk to us, pet - will your Pack come and save you?
And will they reach us before we enslave you?
Before we get hungry and tear you apart
And rip you to pieces and feed you your heart

We'll claw off your skin to see what is beneath
We'll bite off your fingers and pull out your teeth
Your Pack cannot save you, but if they arrive
We might let them watch while we eat you alive

And during all this we will keep you awake
And watch as you crumble, watch as you break
We'll listen to you as you struggle and cry
And when you give up we will watch as you die

He knows what we're saying is not just a threat
He's smelling like fear and like blood and like sweat
He is delicious; a toy on display
Brothers and sisters of mine - shall we play?

A lost little human, thrown to his knees
We'll let you go, boy, if you say "please"
We'll count to ten, then we'll be right behind you
Wherever you may try to hide, we will find you

This is your chance to get out alive
If you don't take it you will not survive
Run, boy, run - it's your chance to be free!
We'll come and get you! One ... two ... three ...

13/1 2013