Cassandra Jones was saved today
From the most awful fate
She was singing on the way
To meet her mystery date

When someone grabbed her from behind
And said "Give me your cash"
She tensed and panic filled her mind
Her face turned grey as ash

She felt a sharp blade to her skin
And fumbled with her change
The young thief took it with a grin
And pushed her out of range

And instantly he ran away
And left Cassandra there
Trembling, frightened, but okay
(And crying, to be fair)

She stumbled to the corner store
Where she would meet her date
But the store was there no more
And neither was her mate

You see, a truck had hit the house
And killed them all inside
Including Cassie's would-be spouse
Her mouth was open wide

Although it'd been an accident;
(The driver called his wife)
Cassandra realised it ment
The thief had saved her life

19/11 2006