The thing about Christmas this year it is strange
I'm not looking forward to it, for a change
And from what I've heard when I've asked around
There's very little Christmas cheer to be found

This guy at work, whom I know pretty well
He thinks that Christmas this year will be hell
His mother is lonely and can't bare the thought
Of being alone; it makes her distraught

Which means that the guy that I know has to spend
His Christmas with Mom, and he has to pretend
That it's what he wanted as well, even though
He'd rather stay home, alone, and lay low

And one of my friends is terribly stressed
I tell her that she should just lie down and rest
She laughs and says with a desperate voice
That she couldn't rest if she did have a choice

She buys all the presents even though she can't afford them
And give them all to people who accept and then ignore them
She bakes and cleans and plans and works until she's feeling dizzy
Basically; October to December she is busy

Then I know this guy, he's 60+ years old
Basically he shouldn't have to do what he is told
Yet every year his sisters invite him to their houses
To celebrate with them, their kids, their cousins and their spouses

He swears and curses angrily, but he can not say no
They nag him until he is giving up and letting go
With sisters such as those it doesn't help if you protest
So each and every year he spends his Christmas as a guest

Then I have a neighbour, a nice and happy bloke
He recently got unemployed so now he's kind of broke
With two kids and a wife to buy Christmas presents for
Without money he's not feeling happy anymore

His wife can understand, but how to you explain
To five-year-olds that their letters to Santa was in vain?
And that they'll be the only ones of all the girls and boys
who's coming back to kindergarten without any toys

I also know a woman with a 30-year old son
Who's never really thought through all the things that he has done
He's brought her only sorrow, and worry, and pain
He's usually high on crack and cocaine

She tries to help him, even though she knows that it's wrong
That he is going down and is dragging her along
This year the prognosis is looking kind of bleak
Last Christmas he was high and aggressive for a week

Everyone I've asked about Christmas, they all say:
"I wish that it was over, or that I could run away
I don't want to do it the way that I am -
I don't want, I don't care, I don't give a damn"

Christmas should be about magic and cheer
So why do we feel like this, year after year?
In stead of feeling bad and stressing 'til we tire -
Couldn't we shape it to something we desire?

Who's decided that you can't spend Christmas Day in bed?
And why can't you have everything in blue, in stead of red?
Why must we visit family we normally can't stand?
And would it be so bad if not all went as it was planned?

Traditions can be awesome, but make some of your own
You can be with people that you like, or be alone
Fuck the Christmas turkey, go for pizza and beer
And maybe we can have a merry Christmas next year

22/12 2011