Hey there, favourite character that Iíve just come across
You seem to be a nice and decent bloke
Youíre pretty when you smile and you are lovely when youíre cross
I wonder what you look like when you choke

I want to see you crumble and I want to see you break
I want you to be beaten, bleeding, sick
I want to see you feverish, I want to see you quake
Screaming or in silence Ė take your pick

I hate the ones who hurt you (but Iím thankful that they do)
Thereís probably an error in my brain
My heart is bleeding for you; for the things that you go through
But how I love to see you writhe in pain

The reason why I watch the show is basically you
Tell me all your dreams and all your fears
So I can crush the former and then bring the latter true
Because your face looks empty with no tears

28/3 2015