There’re two packs of werewolves involved in the fight
The Alphas are ruthless; the Hales are alright
They’re snarling and clawing and bloody and scratched
But no one has died and all limbs are attached

The humans are fragile and thus staying back
But two of the Alphas prepare their attack
They’re merging their bodies; it’s really bizarre
They charge at the boy, but don’t get very far

The Alpha of Youngsters is there with a roar
The two-in-one creature’s no threat anymore;
It’s gasping and seizing, then falls to the ground
The Alpha who killed it looks up, spins around

The fighting has stopped at the death of a kin
The killer is smiling with blood on his chin
"We just killed your brothers, we will put you down
I’ll give you a chance though - get out of my town

The Alpha of Alphas is showing no fear
He straightens his back and transforms with a sneer
His shades are removed and then dropped on the floor
"I am the demon wolf! - Hear me roar!"

None of the werewolves know how to react
The Alpha of Alphas’ creating a pact:
"I summon thee Sabnock, Leraje and Vine
Shax and Amon - may your powers be mine!"

Someone says "What are you shouting about?"
The lightbulbs are flickering, then they go out
A voice in the darkness: “Uhm, yeah, we should run …
I know our chances, they’re slim - slim to none!"

The words turn to screaming; they flinch at the sound
There’s thunder and lightning and sulphur around
And suddenly stillness, a chill in the air
The room smells of terror, of fear and despair

The lights turn back on with a deafening bang
- The boy’s eyes are black, and he’s smirking; “you rang?"
His voice not his own, but a thousand and one:
"You called us here, Alpha - this will be fun

13/7 2013