Iím deaf to the world and choking on air
Iím coughing and gasping and hardly aware
That fire is spreading Ė it is everywhere
Iím crawling through debris; ash in my hair

Suddenly, there on my shoulder, a hand
A blurry figure is helping me stand
I see his lips moving, but donít understand
This didnít work out the way we had planned Ö

Chaos returns in the form of sound
Explosions of noise and I fall to the ground
He helps me again, and as I look around
I feel myself filled up with feelings unsound

I gasp for breath, and it hurts, and I hiss
My anger is rising, thereís something amiss
Darkness is spreading, I donít know Ö whatís this?
A mix between fury and terror and bliss

And what is the source of that breathtaking smell?
I turn to my friend; it is him, I can tell
We stare at each other Ė I know him so well
I bare my teeth and thatís whatís breaking the spell

Heís worried and yells that we must get away
But darkness has spoken and I must obey
This man, once my friend, is now only prey
My mother and girlfriend and him Ė a buffet

He backs up a step and thereís dread in his eyes
I follow him closely, a fiend in disguise
He stumbles and falls and he gasps in surprise
Iím on him then, and I donít care that he cries

Heís screaming at me; ďStop!Ē and ďThis isnít you!Ē
I laugh at him, although itís probably true
I have no fangs, but my own teeth will do
I bite down, when I am hit out of the blue Ö


I wake up, and find myself bound to a bed
I move and regret it; thereís pain in my head
Last thing I remember; explosions Ö we fled
And oh god! My friend! Where is he? Heís dead?

Then he is beside me, and holds me as I cry
He tells me to calm down, and I try to comply
He says heís okay, that heís a tough guy
I tell him Iím sorry Ė he says weíll get by

26/12 2011