Youíre wearing a mask forged in fire and deceit
Building walls around you to protect you from the heat
But masks and walls canít hide the fact that inside, you are frail
Remember, boy, remember what can happen when you fail

She barged into your life one day and nothing was the same
You fell for her, which was essential for her little game
A game, it turned out, that she had decided she would win
She did, as well, but it was all because you let her in

Your family died because of you, thereís no one left to trust
They turned to flames, to fire; turned to ashes then to dust
You remember flashing lights and shock and disbelief
All that faded though, and you were left with rage and grief

Disappointment and disgust; how could youíve been so blind?
With sickness in your heart you fled - left everything behind
And in the years to follow you were fighting for control
The traitor stole your innocence; the fire took your soul

And you wear the mask of wrath - turn everyone away
Havenít let a soul come closer to you since that day
ĎCause you remember how it ended, the last time you fell
And you hate yourself and itís a fiery, burning hell

5/12 2012