You're coming here, to my home, for a date
I have made dinner; it's gonna be great
I smile to myself while adjusting a plate
I glance at my watch; it's now almost eight

Two months have passed since we first met
The circumstances still make you upset
You found it unfair but I won't let you fret
There's nothing about that night that I regret

You knock on my door and I open it wide
I greet you politely, then let you inside
I take your jacket and then, in a stride
I'm finally with you and our lips collide

Your fingers are touching the scars on my face
Recently healed, but still out of place
You aren't hurting me when we embrace
But your caresses are light, just in case

Some time has passed and we're breaking apart
All I can hear is my own beating heart
You're beautiful, confident, witty and smart
You smile and I stare; you're a real work of art

I guide you to the table, and you take a seat
I serve you some food and then we start to eat
I know that you like how I've seasoned the meat
I'm one step from making this dinner complete

We raise our glasses to toast, and I blink
I haven't yet given you something to drink
I beg your forgiveness; what will you think?
I run to the kitchen, my cheeks tinted pink

I take our glasses and decant the wine
I bring out the vial and there, while you dine
I pour it in your glass; a mixture divine
Tonight I will make every part of you mine

I serve you the wine, like any host should
You taste it, then smile and tell me it's good
I'm drinking it also, though less than I could
You're getting tipsy, as I knew you would

When dinner is over you've finished your glass
Gone is your usual insight and class
I'm getting desert for us both, but alas
You'd rather discuss something I'd rather pass

Your eyes look right at me with unshed tears
When you tell me all about all of your fears
When you woke up and saw me by the stairs
Since two months ago, we've both aged years

When you woke up there I was almost dead
You called for help while I laid there and bled
The assailants had, apparently, fled
You tell me you wish they had hurt you instead

I do not remember when you found me there
I didn't know who I was; when or where
It lasted three days before I was aware
That I was awake and, by then, in your care

The first thing I saw when I woke up was you
It scared me almost to death, but I knew
That we would, in one way or another, pull through
So I stayed beside you, and our love grew

I'm mostly healed now, but sometimes feel sore
But now, when you're here, out cold on the floor
My aches are something I have to ignore
I bend down and drag you towards the back door

My life turned around when you came along
You make me feel loved, and like I belong
That is why I drugged you; I know it was wrong
But the urge to look after you is just too strong

The cellar is cold; I have carried you there
I glance at the clock; I need time to prepare
You are unconscious, out cold; unaware
Of the experience that we will share

I walk to the wall and pick up the chain
I put it around you, again and again
I tie you down firmly; you won't complain
I'll be right here, with you, and share your pain

Next, to something I picked up today
A teenager, an insignificant stray
Nobody saw when I lured him away
He might have been human, but now he is prey

He's bound and gagged, and I look in his eyes
"You'll be okay", I say as he cries
He doesn't listen to me or my lies
Considering everything; no surprise

He has been down here since the late afternoon
Now glancing outside I can see the full moon
It doesn't bother me, I am immune
But you, my darling … you'll wake up soon

You're moaning and growling and then, with a crack
You pull at the chains as you try to attack
I grab the shotgun, and then I stand back
You watch me; your eyes turning evil and black

I blow you a kiss while I stay out of range
You snarl at me, curse me as you start to Change
The teen is watching our unusual exchange
Admittedly, this can seem a bit strange

You try to escape, now fully awake
You scream in pain as your bones bend and break
Your body is Changing, you grow and you ache
A monster emerges with a final shake

An unearthly howl and the Change is complete
You sniff, look around, and I know you smell meat
Didn't I promise you something to eat?
The prey is right there, admitting defeat

He's shivering, petrified and alone
You jump him; rip through muscle and bone
A scream, then a sob; a crack and a groan
A river of blood flowing over the stone

I swallow and force myself to look away
Trying to keep all the memories at bay
I shudder and think; it might be a cliché
But I am so glad I'm alive today

"The muggers got away before they hurt you too"
That's the story I told you; not exactly true
You would have been devastated - shell-shocked - if you knew
That there weren't ever any muggers - it was you

Alternative title: "Dinner with my werewolf girlfriend"

3/4 2009