I am Barbarian, I am a slave
I have been traded and sold
I've been imprisoned and told to behave
I've won them silver and gold

After a lifetime in shackles and chained
Fighting each day to survive
They said that one fight was all that remained
- That I would get out alive

It was my justice, it was my prize
Wage for a life unafraid
But what they promised - nothing but lies
I was deceived and betrayed

A chance at revenge, the last chance I'll get
And mark my words; it will be sweet
I suffer a wound while settling my debt
But this man will die at my feet

I won't surrender, I won't be ignored
Even when brought to my knees
I kill my enemy with his own sword
Weakling - his last word is "please"

I am defeated, I'm dying alone
And the arena is bare
But I am free, and I'll die as my own
Freedom like this one is rare

Then I see fire, destruction and death
"For those of us who will die -"
I'm standing tall; with my dying breath
"- We salute you!" I cry

4/5 2014