Once there was a little boy
He was playing with a toy
He was happy, he had fun
He was smiling to the sun

On the other side of town
Lived an old unhappy clown
He was drinking, and he cried
From his life he tried to hide

In a school not far from there
Some young kids played "truth or dare"
Ten more minutes left 'til class;
Ten more minutes on the grass

Meanwhile, in a nearby flat
Lived a lady and her cat
She went shopping once a week
Neighbours said she was a freak

Then there was the office man
He was following his plan:
Get a job, a car, a wife
Then he'd live his well-planned life

In a mansion made of stone
Sat a man, holding a phone
He'd been told his wife was dead
Many tears were still unshed

Then there was that artsy kid
No one knew him like I did
Well, perhaps these other blokes
But they didn't get his jokes

All these people in this town;
The boy, the kids, the man, the clown
Could have been alive today
If the invading aliens hadn't surprised and killed them all with their Super-Ultra-Death-to-everything-Chaos-&-Destruction-Ray ...

21/4 2007