He was just leaving; was on his way out
But he stopped walking when he heard a shout
And then, a signal; piercing and shrill
And his thoughts narrowed to kill, kill, kill

Suddenly moving, whirling around
Drawing his gun without making a sound
There is a tension that’s building, until
He pulls the trigger to kill, kill, kill

Dodging a punch, ducking under an arm
Aiming for heads to cause maximum harm
No one is spared for he’s firing at will
The voice in his head’s chanting kill, kill, kill

Jumping, reloading; a punch and a shot
Stabbing and slashing without conscious thought
Taking advantage of knowledge and skill
All that he wants is to kill, kill, kill

Items are weapons; people must die
Chair to a head and a knife through an eye
Everything’s chaos, bloodlust and thrill
And a desire to kill, kill, kill

Stabbed in the back; finds a gun and reloads
Burns someone’s face, something clicks and explodes
Few are left standing, but he’s fighting still
Cannot stop, will not stop; kill, kill, kill

Carnage and slaughter, blood on the floor
He’s the last one, and he goes for the door
Everything’s silent, everything’s still
His mind’s still telling him; kill, kill, kill

But there’s no targets, for everyone’s dead
All of a sudden, a flash through his head
And he is blinking and feeling quite ill
What was he thinking? To kill, kill, kill

Mortified, he’s stumbling out in the sun
Where he is greeted by Valentine’s gun
There’s no ”I’m sorry”s, no time for ”goodbye”s
It’s for the best if he dies, dies, dies

12/4 2015