Summer is over, autumn has come
Darkness is coming and light will succumb
  All the flowers, all the trees
  All will wither, all will freeze
Can you imagine what they will become?

Once full of colour, once so alive
Now allís preparing to simply survive
  Grassy ground is here no more
  Leaves are rotting on the floor
Waiting for Winter and Cold to arrive

Skeleton fingers are everywhere
Cracks in the branches, wind in your hair
  Quick inhale and crispy breath
  Closer, still, to icy death
Fill your lungs with the coldness of the air

People love autumn, people love fall
For they wear mittens, a beanie, a shawl
  They carve pumpkins and they knit
  Sweaters thatíre too big to fit
People do not think of winter at all

So wear your scarves, indulge in your pies
Hold your hot chocolate close like a prize
  And then, when the cold is near
  Become overwhelmed with fear
And then remember that everything dies

7/10 2014