The boy was a captive
The man was his guard
Now it's reversed but
leaving is hard

The boy has been beaten
He's black and he's blue
And the man asks what
his father would do

He wants to ignore it
This isn't fair!
He's trying to tell himself
he doesn't care

The man says "Come on, boy
Come on, let me free"
The boy's trying hard to
ignore the man's plea

His father was murdered
This man played a part
He should let him die here
... if he was smart

The boy shouldn't waver;
he knows he should leave
He may be blue-eyed
but he's not naive

The boy is aware that
he can't trust the man
He hasn't, ever
since all this began

But leaving him means that
he'll certainly die
Cold-blooded murder -
can he be that guy?

His dad would have helped him
and taken his hand
The boy does the same and
then helps the man stand

The man is saved but
- heartless and all
He grabs the boy and
they both meet the wall

The man says he's sorry
but doesn't let go
"You are important, kid,
more than you know"

14/10 2012