Loki fell from his dimension
Fell through cold and empty space
Devil in reverse ascension
Fallen angel in disgrace

Loki's mind was of confusion
He felt angry and betrayed
All he knew was an illusion
He had lived his life a shade

He no longer had a brother
There was none for whom he cared
Not his father, not his mother
Lies! The memories that they shared

And his sadness turned to ire
And the wrath inside him grew
Lit his heart and soul on fire
And he knew what he would do

He would find them and destroy them
He would ruin, kill and maim
And the screams - he would enjoy them
Without pity, without shame

He would take out all frustrations
that he had on everyone
All the realms and all the nations
They'd regret what they had done

Worlds will end - it will be splendid
All lies gone in one big blast
And when Ragnarök has ended
Loki will have truth, at last

16/4 2012