I'm frozen with shock and my body's numb
My world is turning inside out
My heart is beating like a drum
I want to scream, I want to shout

Everything I know is tumbling down
My knees are crashing to the floor
I feel like I'm about to drown
I don't know who I am anymore

My mother, my king, my glorious brother
The family I had are gone
I'm not their son, I am the Other
A monster, a prize, a political pawn

I thought I belonged; I was a fool
I get it now, it's loud and clear
I'm just a trophy and a tool
I'm one of those I hate and fear

Asgardian - that was what I believed
I'm still the Trickster, God of Lies
Ironic, really, when I'm the deceived
I belong with the race I despise

They're not my family, they're not my kin
I was always the pale and the weak
Now, after learning what's under my skin
I know what everyone knows - I'm a freak

My brother was always the favourite son
He was the one who was destined to rule
I was always the mischievous one
The trickster, the traitor, the evil, the cruel

I never admitted that these were my fears;
The dark thoughts inside me - but I was naive
Perhaps I was fighting myself all these years?
Perchance it's my nature to trick and deceive?

I lied because it's what they expected
But having been told the truth by my king
I now know what I only suspected;
That truth is in deed a terrible thing

They know what I am, they've always known
Well, really, they haven't seen anything yet
Now knowing the reason I won't get the throne
I'll show them some mischief they'll never forget

I'm no longer feeling the need to Belong
It's time for my darkness to come out and play
They think they can never be in the wrong
When, really, it's they who have made me this way

They've lied to me, failed me, tricked me and played me
And now when they think that I have cracked
I will betray all of those who betrayed me
I'm done with words, now it's time to act

There're thousands of them but revenge will be mine
I haven't a chance - but I declare war
Because I'm their enemy - foe by design
I'm not the same Loki they knew anymore

1/1 2012