We're sitting here talking, my best friend and I
I marvel, 'cause each word you say is a lie
Under your skin is a person untrue
Dear best friend, I see the Devil in you

I see your lips moving, yet I hear no sound
I choose not to listen, the fools' king is crowned
You lean back and laugh, close your eyes for a while
I watch you and smile the most genuine smile

Dear friend, you were always too weak and too fair
Just look at you now; naive, unaware
You think that you know me - that is a mistake
The biggest and last one that you'll ever make

You are my best friend, yet a demon, a whore
You never noticed that we were at war
My smile turns into a dishonest grin
Our war is a game that I plan to win

I love you, my friend, for better or worse
You run in my veins, you are in me; a curse
You have never guessed that you're owning my soul
I smile; it is time that I regain control

The knife is in my hand, I know what to do
I slowly stand up, then walk over to you
Dying is heaven when living is hell
I kiss you and quietly bid you farewell

9/3 2004