The boy is dark and slender, and kneeling on the floor
Glaring daggers at his captors; royal to the core
  His kingdom lost, his father dead
Maybe he's suspecting, or knowing what's in store
  He doesn't speak; he growls in stead
  If there are tears, they're still unshed
A prisoner of war

He's brought before the other prince, who greets him with grin
  And says: "I think you'll be mine"
As the boy is slapped - the hand is gauntled and breaks skin -
  He drawls: "I think I'll decline"
    The other prince frowns and nods to his knights
    And says to the boy: "They are within their rights
  to do anything to keep you in line"
The boy says: "So be it" with a steady voice
The prince shrugs; "Well, if that is your choice"

The knights drag the captured prince out of there
  The other prince follows behind
He knows that by leaving the boy in their care
  They'll break him, body and mind

It's outside the room where the knights brought their prey
And outside the castle the weather is grey
  Two days and two nights has passed
  Has the boy broken, at last?
    The prince stops and listens just outside the door
  The knights are having a blast
    He hears a weak voice pleading "No, please, no more"
The prince smiles, knowing the boy will pay
Then hears someone growling "You'll learn to obey!"

He's nodding approval, the next thing he hears;
  Flesh that is hit by a fist
A scream; a beautiful sound to his ears
  A body that tries to resist
    More struggling, more beating, more screams and more pain
    More humiliation and force and restrain
The prince nods and then disappears

It's been a week in total when he finally returns
  His knights has done their duty
  The boy, once such a beauty
Is curled up, naked, body full of injuries and burns
    Head hanging in defeat
The knights thought it was better if they were taking turns
  Barely any food or sleep
  No energy to even weep;
    He's staring at his feet

The prince walks up and takes his chin in his hand
  And forces him to meet his eyes
He asks: "How much more of this can you withstand?
I know my knights; they will have more of this planned
  And then they will improvise
    But if you surrender
    I'll be your defender
  Refusing would be unwise"

The boy - former prince - is falling apart
The look on his face is a pure work of art
Admitting defeat is breaking his heart
  He doesn't know what to do
  But says: "I surrender to you"

The prince nods and grins;
Guess this means he wins

The boy is dark and slender, and kneeling on the floor
Neither prince nor royal, and a nobleman no more
  Since he gave up, since he gave in
He takes it all from whoever is coming through the door
  He never mentions what has been
  And everything he does is sin
A domesticated whore

20/8 2011