For the prompt: “How did Jackson end up in the water after Derek bit him?”


Once there was a grumpy werewolf
Just made Alpha of his pack
He was feeling hungry so he
thought he’d go out for a snack

He sensed someone was approaching
So he went and got the door
Outside was a kid who didn’t
know what he was asking for

But the Alpha wasn’t picky
So he dove in for a bite
And although it wasn’t nasty
The kid’s taste just wasn’t right

He backed off and scrunched his nose up
Said; “Alright cub, run, be free!”
Then he closed the door behind him
Went to find some KFC


Once there was a cocky schoolboy
Who had money, looks & stuff
Even though he had all that he
didn’t feel it was enough

He went to the local werewolf
And demanded to be bitten
Wanting to be big and brave but
he looked like a frightened kitten

And the Alpha shrugged and nodded
And then - to the boy’s dismay
Took a bite out of his SIDE - who does that?
Dude, that’s very gay

And before he could object
The Alpha stopped and walked away
And the boy just stood there, shell-shocked;
because - dude, his SIDE! - SO gay

And his shirt! ‘twas almost shredded!
Damn, it was his favourite one
There were BLOODSTAINS- oh if he could
just undo what had been done

In his head he heard the voices
that he had heard on TV
And they said to soak in water
stains of coffea, blood and tea

Maybe there was still a chance to
save his favourite, lovely shirt?
He should soak it - quickly - so he ran
and tripped into the dirt

A blood- and dirt- and grass-stained boy
let out an unearthly scream
But he couldn’t just give up;
he stumbled onwards to the stream

And the water there was freezing;
he suspected this would hurt
But he jumped into the water
‘cause he had to save the shirt

17/6 2012