Written as a review in rhymes after Teen Wolf episode 2x11; "Battlefield" ... it just gave me a lot of feels, alright?


Ms Morell and Stiles in a room –
Isn’t the sentence: “Go out with a boom”?
”Battlefield” started and my heart stopped beating
When I heard what Stiles said to her in that meeting
(Also, the closeups – Jeff Davies, really!?
You’re stealing my breath and I’m giving it freely)

Bromance is awesome, there is no exception
But Isaac and Scott have just changed my perception;
Burying their history of ill will and hostility –
Bonding over puppies and their pain-relief-ability
And Isaac cried and trusted Scott – and did you see his grin!?
And later, at the game, when he said he was there to win?
I smiled and figured Jeff Davies had tried to make amends
‘cause surely this will mean that Scott and Isaac will be friends?

While Melissa knows what’s going on within the group;
I still don’t understand if Stiles’ dad is in the loop
And speaking of Melissa, I’m so happy she manned up
And showed that she’s supportive of her baby werewolf cub
‘Cause even with the werewolf and the scary, scaly Other
In the end and always she’s a brave, warm-hearted mother

Derek’s such a sourwolf – no wonder his pack leave him
Then uncle Peter shows up and I so want to believe him!
I want to trust in Peter, but it’s probably in vain
‘cause even Peter said that he is partially insane
But Derek, you can learn a lot from him – word of advice?
It wouldn’t hurt to see you crack a smile there once or twice …

Coach Finstock is a platypus; he’s weird and rare with style
Each scene he is in ends up with me wearing a smile
I can see him snuggling up with beer and take away
In his sofa, smiling, watching “Independence Day”
(And Gerard – if you touch a precious hair upon his head
Or harm my Bobby Finstock - you’ll wish that you were dead)

(By the way; Gerard, I wanna kill you where you stand
I want to make sure nothing ever goes as you have planned
I wanna rip your throat out with a dull and rusty spoon;
I want your pills to choke you so you died under the moon
I wanna dig my hands into your chest and break your bones
I want to prove them wrong ‘bout what they said of sticks and stones
I wanna be right there with you when you draw your last breath
I want to see the fear in you when you are facing Death
I wanna see you suffer and I need to see you die
I guess I simply see you as a really nasty guy)

Right … with that said (and I think I got my point across)
- What is up with Beacon Hills’ obsession with lacrosse?!
It seems that half the action’s taking place on that damn court
(but then; while boring, it’s not worse than any other sport …)

Stiles’ comment that he can’t – that totally broke my heart
Sure, he's not a werewolf but he’s witty, cool and smart
He sucked a bit at first, when he first got out on the field
But later on his total awesomesauceness was revealed
He took the ball, he ran, he was confused but then he scored!
I yelled and punched the air in joy and smiled as the crowd roared
Stiles is my favourite, in any and all ways
And I will never stop to sing this blaring song of praise

Now, Allison has turned out to be quite the little devil
She first went after Derek and then turned it up a level
It’s fairly safe to say that she is more than just annoyed
After all, she shot half of her arrows into Boyd
She’s all calm, all business and it’s scary, that whole thing!
(Also; damn girl, stop, how many arrows did you bring!?)
Sure, I get that she is sad her mom was killed and all
But that’s no reason to turn Boyd into a voodoo doll …

(And Gerard, you better fucking put that sword away
And let Isaac go, or you won’t live to see the day)

This episode has put me through so many kinds of trials
The main one would be this one though; where the hell is Stiles?

7/8 2012