Why do you want me anyway?
You could have anyone, any day
Yet you insist that you only want me
I wonder: when you see me, what do you see?

I am not beautiful, I am not cute
I am not graceful - I'm more of a brute
I am not friendly, nor am I nice
You say you love me - that is not wise

Love is a weakness and something I hate
I don't believe in your "soulmates" or "fate"
I don't lack anything you can provide
Yet you insist you should stay by my side

For every moment I spend with you
The urge gets stronger to run you through
To watch you choke on blood and bile
... and then you turn to me and smile

You are too soft, too nice, too good
You could do better - and you should
For I will break you to your core
With these hands that you adore

I will make you cry and I will make you bleed
You'll give me the suffering that I need
You will feel pain Every Single Day
So tell me again how you want me to stay

15/3 2014