Thor and Co break into Loki's lair after a suspiciously long absence. They find him with a crazed look in his eyes and the newborn baby that he smothered with his own hands, because he decided a quick death would be a kinder faith than whatever Asgard might have in store for it.

Takes place after all the times Odin and co have fucked over his kids.


They've chased me for weeks, and now they are close
For weeks on end, I've been on the run
Always inevitable, I suppose
That they would catch up to me and my son

My son is a child of both Asgard and Earth
A beautiful creature; I smile through my tears
I'm weakened, in pain and have just given birth
And they are coming! I swallow my fears

I try to get up but I can't, and I groan
They're coming for us, they will take him away!
He's born from my flesh, from my blood, from my bone
I must protect him from them, we can't stay!

I'm holding him close as I'm trying to stand
Fire and ice is under my skin
But pain is something that I must withstand
For we must flee, and escape from my kin

They'll steal him from me, cast him out or enslave him
I sense them; they're here! We're trapped! I have lost
I know in my heart there's but one way to save him
But my brain balks at just what it will cost

My wonderful boy, my beautiful baby
I've carried you in me, right under my heart
In another time, another world, maybe
There would be no one to tear us apart

I am a liesmith, you're pure and true
You don't know feelings of fear and alarm
You deserve more but it's all I can do
To save you from Father and keep you from harm

There's no forgiveness for what I must do
I whisper to you, words of love and regret
I cry while I hold you, and bid you adieu
I'll treasure you, always - I'll never forget


They've chased him for weeks, and now they are close
Obviously he's got something planned
An evil plot; he's had many of those
And they don't know who is at his command

Which is the reason they're not taking chances
There's a small army surrounding the house
They are observing the S.H.I.E.L.D.-men's advances
No one can pass them, not even a mouse

When everybody has reached their positions
They look at each other and move inside
Sure of themselves; under these conditions
Not even Loki the Trickster can hide

Armed to the teeth and prepared for the worst
They break down the door, split up and spread out
Steve is the one who discovers them first
He opens his mouth and chokes on a shout

Far from the villain they know he has been
Far from the Loki who's scheming and lying
Here is a man with bright blood on his skin
Only half-dressed, and shaking and crying

The others show up and they enter the room
Barely believing what they are beholding
"My baby ... my baby ... born from my womb"
Their gazes are drawn to whatever he's holding

He snarls and looks up and they're watching their foe
No longer composed; this Loki is wild
And with a voice that is dangerously low
He hisses: "You are not taking my child"

The Mother of Monsters, the Master of Lies
Who cradles the limp form of his newborn son
With tears on his face and with hate in his eyes:
"You've taken them all, you're not getting this one!"

Someone moves closer and Loki shrinks back
He crawls to the wall, shields the baby from view
No one is following, there's no attack
Then someone says: "Loki ... what did you do?"

19/1 2012