Rain against a window is the first thing that you hear
Then a snore, and the beating of a heart
You frown, still half-asleep, and your memory's unclear
Then you gasp, and you wake with a start

There in front of you is a young man, fast asleep
Your arm is resting underneath his head
You remember kissing and the backseat of a jeep
But not exactly how you made it to the bed

It doesn't really matter; you know that you should go
Before he wakes and sees you're still around
But you remember what was said a mere few hours ago
And you don't move, and you don't make a sound

His arm is thrown around your neck, his face an inch away
When he's breathing out, you're breathing in
It feels like Home, and suddenly you're wishing you could stay
Not caring what will be or what has been

The pillow's soft and you are feeling totally at ease
And oddly welcome, laid-back and secure
One more minute in the warmth, one more moment, please
Where everything is harmless, safe and pure

His heart-rate's speeding up - he's gonna wake up with you there
A voice inside your head tells you to flee!
But you're content and you just cannot bring yourself to care
And for once your head and heart agree

He yawns and stretches, and his hand is twitching on your skin
He does a little weird thing with his nose
You cannot help but find it cute, you cannot help but grin
His eyes open, he makes a sound; time slows

He's awake now, watching you, a soft smile on his face
Your heart is feeling too big for your chest
"You stayed", he whispers, shuts his eyes and tightens his embrace
You smile as well, then close your eyes and rest

26/12 2012