Written after I saw a gifset on tumblr.


Anger in his bones and anger in his blood
Fighting through life, like crawling through mud
No one who comforts, no one to trust
Blood on his hands - the colour of rust
Rage in his body, begging for release
Derek is War, and will never have peace

Why do some people have all, and some none?
And does it matter - in the long run?
Walking through life; ensnaring, enslaving
Knowing what people are wishing and craving
Surrounded by want, by lust and despair
Lydia's Famine and she doesn't care

Smiling and charming, mask on his face
Worms in his body but mask still in place
Flowing through life with a butterfly's ease
He is a virus, a plague, a disease
Spreading his venom, a lethal infection
Jackson is Pestilence, seeking affection

He's unaware, but he's raising the stakes
With every decision and choice that he makes
Barging through life like any other guy
But all around him, people tend to die
He isn't there when they draw their last breath
Stiles doesn't know it, but Stiles is Death

17/8 2012