What is that wonderful, enticing smell?
Surely itís treasure, or gold Ė I can tell!
Itís calling to me and I want it, I crave it
Unappreciated; it wants me to save it

A lonely watch, or a coin, or a locket
Lying forgotten, perhaps, in a pocket
Or maybe a bracelet, an earring, a ring?
Lost in a purse Ė oh the poor little thing!

Donít worry, Shiny, Iím coming for you
Thereís not many cracks where I cannot squeeze through
I run and I climb and I jump and I crouch
And I will not rest until youíre in my pouch

There you are, Shiny; a necklace, how cute!
Into my pouch with the rest of my loot
The people who had you have failed to preserve you
And thus it is clear that they do not deserve you

Now, where can I hide it so Mummy wonít find it?
Perhaps in my nest? Or below or behind it?
Maybe he wonít notice it if I wear it?
Or maybe, just maybe, heíll agree to share it Ö?

No, he will not, because Stealing is Wrong
If Mummy sees it itíll be gone before long
And then he will take away more of my treasure
And he will give me the Look of Displeasure

He says that I shouldnít take what isnít mine
I canít help myself Ė theyíre alone, and they shine!
But I love my Mummy, donít want him to yell
So maybe I shouldnít Ö wait, what is that smell?

25/12 2016