I went to church today, to hear them read my mother's name
The last time was her funeral, and this time was the same

But now, two rows in front of me, there was a lonely man
Looking hopeless in the way that only old men can

I couldn't see his face, I only watched him from behind
Looking straight ahead from the church seat he'd been assigned

In his lap - a book of hymns; his walker by his side
When they read a woman's name, he bent his head and cried

He hugged himself with crooked fingers; wrinkly, old and pale
Trying to find comfort, maybe - he looked very frail

It broke my heart to see him there; a stranger on his own
He loved and lost, got left behind, and now he's all alone

It made me realize, at last, that everyone will grieve
- for either we are left behind, or we are forced to leave

1/11 2014