Derek Hale
has quite a tale
His girlfriend lit a flame
His family died
His sister cried
And he took all the blame

Derek Hale
an angry male
returns from where he fled
For someone kills
in Beacon Hills
He finds his sister dead

Derek Hale
looks mighty pale
His uncle's gone insane
He stays afloat
rips Peter's throat
and does not once complain

Derek Hale
fights tooth and nail
to save his new-found pack
They don't adjust;
betray his trust
They left and won't come back

Derek Hale
a man of fail
Alone, just like before
Been through a lot;
been tortured, shot
and now he'll go to war

Derek Hale
is really frail
And truly unprepared
And no one knows;
beneath his clothes
That boy is really scared

24/3 2013