The boy was offered once, you know;
his wrist and soul both bared
The reason why the boy said no
was not because he's scared

He saw the man in front of him
and looked into his eyes
This wasn't offered on a whim
and he was not a prize

The man saw something in the child;
an echo, or a clue
Something wicked, something wild
Hidden, yes, but true

He wore a mask so pure and white
but underneath it; black
Always fine, always alright
A lone wolf in a pack

He was stubborn, he had skill
and his mind was dark
He was ruthless, he could kill
- he could be the spark

Everyone would look at him
and underestimate
But he'd be merciless and grim
potentially great

And the boy knew it was true
and it made him pause
He knew what his hands could do
- what would he do with claws?

It terrified, yet calmed him down
Not black or white, but grey
An air of calm replaced his frown
He pulled his hand away

The man who offered didn't shift
And this time he let go
The boy was offered such a gift
But this time he said no

10/10 2012