Written for the prompt: "Kili can see the way the gold sickness is effecting Thorin, he loves his uncle but the illness is twisting him into something that Kili doesn't recognise. So before the BOFA, he pulls Fili aside, kneels down, puts his bow to Fili's feet and swears his allegiance.
Fili is stunned because their uncle is king and this is treason. In Thorin's state of mind, if anyone finds out Kili will be killed."


So many lives that were wasted
So many memories lost
Now they have re-claimed their homeland
Finally - but at what cost?

They can all feel the temptation
In their blood, there is a curse
They had hoped he would get better
In stead, they watch him get worse

They saw the greed take him over;
wash him away in a rage
And now they're trapped in a home that
is suddenly more of a cage

Their king, who is mad with desire
for treasure and jewels and gold
Is no longer suited to lead them
A slave to his curse now; controlled

Everything's turned into chaos
Everything reeks of dispair
No one expects to survive it
for there is death in the air

They're standing together, observing
the end of their hope and ideals
One of the brothers; the younger
turns to his sibling and kneels

"Brother, I swear to your causes
I hereby present you my bow
I give you my loyalty, always
Wherever you lead, I will go

I promise to serve and protect you;
your kingdom, your life and your land
My brother, my king - I am yours now
I'll live and die at your command"

The older is still; this is treason
He's trembling, white as a sheet
His brothers hands, though, are steady
when placing the bow at his feet

The ultimate show of affection
of loyalty, kinship, belief
There's fear in the heart of the oldest
But also a sense of relief

If their world will burn in this battle
then let them both go down aflame
Together, forever and always
"Rise, and take arms in my name."

30/12 2013