I wasn't born; I grew aware
And blinked my eyes and gasped for air
My mind was blank, without a care
Everything was new and rare

No longer deaf, no longer blind
The air was cold; I didn't mind
I flew, and left the earth behind
The moon was mute, but not unkind

At first, it was the moon and I
I soared towards him in the sky
I asked him how and what and why
I never once got a reply

The life I live is just a game
It's on repeat, it's all the same
I'm burning out, an ice-cold flame
For all he left me was my name

I am unbound, I'm wild and free
I can't recall a family
There is no "us", there is no "we"
As always, there is only me

They walk through me; a chill, then pain
I've thought that I would go insane
I've tried, and I have tried again
I can't be seen, it's all in vain

But since I cannot run away
All I can do is seize the day
So they can't see me? - it's okay
I'm playing with them anyway

We slide and roll and throw and run
And we all laugh and we have fun
I give them snow days, one by one
But my gifts melt when in the sun

I never sleep; at night I fly
Slow and fast and low and high
I sometimes scream, I sometimes cry
I never age, though - never die

I'm here now, and I play along
But it's not right - I don't belong
I'm always young and always strong
But I've been young for far too long

6/4 2013