Small one, you're a fool to be here
You would be adviced to flee here
For you're in a dragon's den
And you might not leave again

Underfoot is gold and treasure
Way beyond what one can measure
But be strong; forget your greed
There's just one thing that you need

Watch your step, lad, and stay silent
or your future will be violent
Listen to some good advice
and make haste to find your prize

Underneith your feet is danger
You are but a thief; a stranger
You know nothing of these halls
Nor belong within these walls

Suddenly there's noise around you
Walls of scaly flesh surround you
And you freeze and hold your breath
Close your eyes and wait for death

He is huge; no sword or arrow
will pierce through to bone or marrow
And no spear will cut His skin
or the heart that hides within

There's a noise like distant thunder
When the loot He's hiding under
slides past like a golden stream
You can't find your breath to scream

You are frozen; scared and gaping
Briefly think about escaping
Tunnels cave and mountains shake
It's too late now - He's awake

21/12 2013