A man isnít made out of nothing;
heís sculpted in clay and then burned
And if he survives in the fire
the strength that it gave him is earned

And there can be cracks from the fire;
scars that are carved on his soul
But cracks and scars are a reminder
- a man hasnít always control

A man isnít shaped by his childhood;
itís all in the choices he makes
And how he can mend all the pieces
together, whenever he breaks

And he can be broken and mended;
and he can have been torn apart
But in the end that doesnít matter
- a man keeps his strength in his heart

A man isnít born from his mother;
heís born in the midst of a war
And when he returns from the battle
heís not the same man as before

Some of them come back home stronger;
Some of them break and succumb
Hardship will always uncover
What kind of man heís become

And then thereís the boy who was bitten
He healed, fell in love and evolved
He did what he thought was the best thing
for all of the people involved

A boy who knows where he is going;
a boy who knows how heíll react
A boy that is something as rare as
a man with his morals intact

15/9 2013