He is a shadow, mostly unknown:
Few people know he exists
He is a deadly force, working alone
Killing with kicks, guns and fists

He has been empty, hollowed-out, Black
And they have filled him with lies
Something has happened, though, it's coming back
He fails to remember, but tries

There was a mission, explosions, a fight
A target, supposed to be dead
Kill him! No don't, stop, you can't, it's not right!
Voices inside of his head

The man fell (like he fell), they're both falling down
There's water, there's cold and there's blood
A body (a friend) sinking, He cannot drown!
Out of the water, to mud

He dropped him and left, still but alive
He should have been reporting back
But he sits down, shuts his eyes and takes five
A crack of light in his Black

He made a choice, then, and didn't return
Which is why he's standing here
In a museum, to find and to learn
... after which, he'll disappear

6/1 2016